If you are putting off rotating, balancing, or replacing your tires you could be costing yourself more money in the long run. Tommy’s Automotive can handle all of your tire service needs.

Common Problems with Tires

Every person who drives a car will need to think about tire replacement, rotation, and alignment at some point. In fact, if a driver isn’t thinking about their tires, it can be very dangerous for them, their passengers, and others on the road. Here are some common tire problems that can damage your car or cause further issues.

  • Overinflation. Can put the car at risk of blow out.
  • Hole, Bulge, or Puncture. This can cause a slow leak or flat.
  • Dry, Rotting, or Cracking. A vehicle that is exposed to constant elements like the sun or weather extremes may be at risk for rotting or cracking.
  • Bead Leaks. A tire may go flat from the bead itself and not a hole.

Wheel and Tire Repair in West Chester

Our mechanics can fix your tire problems! Here are a few scenarios we have seen:

  • An unbalanced or improperly balanced tire causing a vehicle to vibrate and impact steering leading to the wearing of suspension components prematurely.
  • Defective or improperly inflated tires causing a vehicle to wander or pull to one side of the road.
  • Driver not rotating their tires causing them to wear unevenly resulting in the need for early replacement (costing them more money).

Whether your tire has a hole, a leak, or is causing the vehicle to pull or wobble – our skilled mechanics and techs at Tommy’s can help. We provide tire repair service, wheel and tire alignment, and tire balancing and rotation. Schedule a tire repair appointment today.