Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Tommy gives his best effort to leave every customer satisfied with the price, quality, and prompt delivery of his work, but don’t take our word for it; read what customers have said about their Tommy’s Automotive experience, or write your own review on any of the websites below. Keep in mind, some of these websites may require an account to leave a review.







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Stellar Service at Tommy's Automotive!!I recently had the pleasure of utilizing the services of Tommy's for a much-needed truck repair, and I couldn't be more impressed with the experience.From the moment I entered the shop, I was greeted with professionalism and courtesy. The staff at Tommy's Automotive demonstrated a deep knowledge of truck repair and took the time to explain the issues with my vehicle in detail, ensuring that I understood the necessary repairs.What truly stood out to me was the efficiency and quality of the work performed. Not only was my truck repaired promptly, but the results were exceptional. It's evident that the technicians at Tommy's Automotive take great pride in their craft and strive for excellence in every job they undertake.Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised by the fair and transparent pricing at Tommy Automotive. There were no hidden fees or unexpected charges, and I felt confident that I was getting excellent value for my money.Overall, my experience with Tommy's Automotive was outstanding, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of truck repair services. Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to customer satisfaction truly set them apart from the rest.Thank you to the entire team at Tommy's for your exceptional service. I will definitely be returning for any future automotive needs.

Alex Smith, 17:48 05/10/24

I searched around for an automotive service firm that is very knowledgeable, capable with fair prices. Tommy's is the place. They're my people now.

Jim Guterl, 17:30 05/05/24

Great people to work with. Kevin went out of the way and sourced a discontinued part for my 2002 Mercedes C230.

Rakesh Grandhi, 16:56 04/24/24

I found Tommy's because I was looking for a mechanic shop that specialized in European cars. My experience from start to finish was one of the best I have...

Amanda S., 17:47 03/18/24

Always great!

Elana Dabkowski, 15:29 02/15/24

Took my 2007 XC90 in for non working awd. They checked it, explained that it needed a new pump in haldex unit.They ordered the parts from Volvo, and kept me informed and the progress.Awd is fixed, and it drives and feels like it should! It came in a little lower than the estimate.Thanks for the great service!!

Mike M (blazermike0694), 00:59 01/10/24

Called about my daughter's A4 and excessive oil consumption. This was after a visit to the local Audi dealership. Kevin explained our options, shared his honest perspectives, and guided us towards the most reasonable resolution. He also shared more about the Audi class action lawsuit than the Audi dealer. After the service at Tommy's, there was a significant and noticable difference in the car's performance. My daughter noticed the differenece as well. We have three Euro cars and will be sending them to Tommy's in the future.

Stephen Brown, 00:37 12/02/23

Bought a used Toyota Corolla for my daughter, not long after, the transmission failed. Called my usual mechanic and they do not replace transmissions. A friend recommended I give Tommy’s a call. From my first phone call with Kevin, and throughout the whole process was blown away by the honesty and outstanding customer support. Kevin was amazing to work with and explained in excellent detail the whole process. He also had the team inspect the entire car and assured me other than the trans issue, the car was safe and in proper working condition.As much as it hurt to unexpectedly have to replace the transmission in a car I just purchased, the experience at Tommy’s was second to none and they earned my business moving forward.It’s hard to find and honest, reliable and friendly mechanic, but Tommy’s is all of that. I cannot recommend them enough.

Mike Ciunci, 14:16 11/03/23

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Michelle Bang, 21:53 10/31/23

This was my first time utilizing Tommy's Automotive for my 2014 Vehicle. I was very impressed and completely satisfied by all the work that was completed. The entire Team at Tommy's Automotive are true Professionals and I would Highly recommend this Business to anyone who is looking for an Outstanding Automotive shop. Thanks to their entire "Team", for a "Job Well Done".

Tom Casey, 16:58 10/13/23

Exellant customer service, professional and friendly care all around. 100% recommend Tommy's Automotive for all your vehicle needs.

Sonja van der Zande, 12:19 10/03/23

We’ve been going to Tommy’s for years and have always had excellent service! Trust is very important and no matter what kind of car you have they’ll do an awesome job! Thank you Tommy’s!

Cathy Milazzo, 15:16 09/26/23

We’ve been using Tommy’s for years and always recommend them when people ask us for a reasonable mechanic in the West Chester area. They’re always very communicative and easy to deal with. The fact they offer early bird or evening drop off and lockbox pickup after hours make getting vehicle work easy for my wife and I to plan for. Hope this place stays around for decades.

Tim Leary, 02:43 09/12/23

Outstanding...had problems passing emissions...Jeep dealer couldn't figure it out and AAA couldn't either...Kevin at Tommy's fit me in their busy...

Doug S., 04:00 08/24/23

Really like this place! From the front desk to the technicians in the shop, the team there is very attentive and do a great job.

Rich Nyce, 22:36 08/03/23

Would recommend these guys to anyone! They were extremely communicative around the diagnosed problem, how serious the issue was, and options for fixing it. They even gave me a free rental car to use while they did the work so that I could easily get to and from work. After a few bad mechanic experiences, I am so glad I found Tommy's & wont be going to get work done anywhere else!

Tiffany Kennedy, 17:00 08/02/23

Tommy's Automotive is the best place to take your car. The staff is caring and attentive to needs. My car is always done in a timely manner and all my questions are answered throughly. I would highly recommend them as a go to place for your vehicle.

Joy Bietz, 12:19 07/28/23

I found my new mechanic. Service was excellent, pricing was even better.George Bannan

GWB, 10:40 07/12/23

We have been going there for years. They are honest, responsive and reasonably priced. I'm the type of person who likes to really run a car into the ground before I buy a new one, and they were really helpful and informative when I had to decide whether a particular repair was worth it or if there was a cheaper alternative that would sense. Strongly recommended.

Justin Davis, 21:09 07/05/23

I had issues with my 2013 Kia Soul. I called and spoke with Kevin about it. He was very helpful, patient, and informative explaining what was happening with my car and gave me excellent recommendations about how and where to get my car fixed given my quick timeline I needed and broke down the pricing structure so I felt confident in the decision I made.As I was moving to CO and needed repairs quicker than they were able to accommodate me if I was staying in the area I’d trust them with my car if I had to go there myself for service and trust they would have done an amazing job at a honest price.All of his advice and information was incredibly helpful to me and I cannot recommend them enough!

Mathew Willman, 15:13 07/05/23

I have been going to Tommy's for years and have complete confidence that I am getting quality work. Everything from beater trucks to Mercedes to a minivan with entirely too many miles on it.. they get everything done and they never "find" extra things that are needed. I've also had them tell me that the repair is going to cost more than the Blue Book value of the car which was appreciated and did not result in them getting a big payday.

keir abrahams, 21:35 06/30/23

Above and beyond service and attention to detail from Tommy and his team. Our car needed a lot of work and they went through every piece of the car to get it in good shape as if it was their own. And it was easy to communicate with them at every step of the way. Thanks Tommy’s Automotive!

Karin Underwood, 03:36 05/05/23

Thanks Kevin!!

curt belgrove, 12:36 04/12/23

I limped my poor car in with a badly blown tire that was a victim of a Pennsylvania Grand Canyon size pot hole. They totally checked out my car and replaced the damaged tire! Great Service with friendly faces!

Elana Dabkowski, 21:48 04/11/23

Amazing I got a nail after dropping my daughter off at West Chester University. Panicked and hit Google maps which sent me to Tommy’s. They were quick and professional was literally 8 something in the morning on Presidents Day. Big shout out to Jamie and the rest of the team because of course I don’t know where my tire lock is 🤣. Phenomenal job and I will be back

Michelle Way, 15:17 02/20/23

Tommy's entire staff is friendly, responsive, informative, knowledgeable, and most of all, forthright and honest. Always a pleasure having my family's...

Vincent M., 12:49 02/16/23

Knowledgeable mechanics with cool staff. I originally started taking my car here so they could work on my E38 Bmw. I still bring all of my cars here not just my Bmw. They serviced my Ford Focus RS and my parents Toyota Camry.

Bane_Diesel, 19:53 01/17/23

I've been using Tommy's Auto since 2008. I delivered Auto Parts to all repair shops in a 50 mile radius of West Chester. I chose Tommy because I could see his concern and honesty with his customers. I knew he had to be a top mechanic because he also used a computer back then. When even the biggest shops had no idea. He not only could see the present but also the Future in Car Repair. If you want it done right bring it to Tommy's Auto.Jim McCall

Jim McCall, 16:08 12/17/22

Great folks here, good prices even better service. Kevin was extremely helpful with the entire process. Highly recommended 👌🏽

Richard Muniz, 18:51 12/01/22

I don’t trust anyone else to handle my car and be as honest, kind, dependable, and skilled as the folks at Tommy’s. I’ve been bringing my Saab here for years and will continue to do so even though I’ve moved out of the area. Can’t recommend them enough!

Alli Watkins, 19:26 11/29/22

fair prices, good work, great customer service. 👏 👍 nice to know there are honest people still .

Don Thomas, 20:58 07/28/22

I would recommend Tommy’s Automotive to anyone in the area looking for car help. I’m a young female and have been targeted at certain car shops and price gouged, but not here!! Kevin made me feel extremely comfortable with asking questions and showing concern since I am new to the area. They even helped me get home since I had no ride. They’re honest, helpful, and made me feel like a family member. Kevin was awesome, and all the workers there were very friendly (even the pup:) ). I came in with tire pressure issues and let them know I don’t have a ton of money for repairs right now, and they took me in without question and didn’t charge me for anything since I didn’t have to get anything done. Seems like a small thing but was amazing to feel heard. I even called Kevin for advice when getting to a tire shop and he was super helpful, honest, and supportive.11/10 would recommend, I will definitely be going there for my car issues!

Morgan Simms, 18:19 07/01/22

What a relief it was to find a trustworthy, reliable, knowledgeable and courteous shop to service my vehicles. After depending on dealerships for years, Tommy’s came highly recommended by multiple sources in the community. Within the past month I have had all 3 vehicles serviced there with the utmost satisfaction. 5 stars.

John David Unangst, 23:44 06/21/22

Great job fixing my A/C. They are great and reliable. I wouldn’t take my car anywhere else. The quality of work and customer service is AAA++

Joey Ogalesco, 18:52 06/15/22

Simply the Best!

Scott, 16:28 06/03/22

Tommy’s is the best. If you’re like me, the thing you care the most about with regard to auto repair is honesty and excellence. Tommy’s excels at both. Nothing is more frustrating than endlessly returning to a repair shop because of a bad initial diagnosis or sloppy work. You never need to worry about that at Tommy’s. They only repair what is needed, and the repairs they make are done right the first time. As an owner of a Mercedes, I especially appreciate their intimate and expert knowledge of European cars, and their concern to keep my car running its best at a reasonable cost. That’s really all you need from an auto repair shop, but Tommy’s does it all with a level of kindness and thoughtfulness that is extremely rare these days. You can’t go wrong with Tommy’s Automotive in West Chester. Trust me.

Max Benfer, 19:35 05/07/22

I'm very glad to have found Tommy's after having used multiple other shops in the West Chester area. Hard working, honest repair shop that has your best interest in mind. Have had much luck with Tommys (BMW, Lexus)

Don Wuest, 17:45 04/21/22

We have been taking our cars to Tommy's for about a decade. In that time, they have serviced three BMWs using third party as well as OEM parts (on my request). Every repair has been flawless, timely and reasonably priced, below dealership prices. Every repair has held up.Tommy's isn't the cheapest, but is more of a value proposition. You will be hard pressed to find a repair shop that is more competent, fair priced and most of all, honest. They have never sold me on a repair or maintenance item that I did not need, and will frequently advise me when it is not needed. My wife, who is usually afraid of being taken advantage of by mechanics, completely trusts them as well.We have started to even take our Teslas to them for state inspection. I'm hoping that the "right to repair" laws will be enacted in PA so that we can continue to easily get our Teslas serviced when they are out of warranty

Sarvesh Kulkarni, 12:53 04/09/22

Very personable and helpful employees. Reasonably priced. I highly recommend Tommy's!

CindyLou Who, 00:42 04/08/22

Tommys is the best around honest trustworthy I trust him with my fleet and personal cars

Precision Overhead Door Service, 04:26 03/17/22

Had a great experience here. Our BMW was having transmission issues. I was worried it was a bad transmission. As it turned out, it was just low on BMW "forever" transmission fluid. They repaired the car, and saved me a ton of money. Excellent service & trustworthiness.

Todd Soura, 08:52 03/06/22

The crew at Tommy's are professional and friendly. We discussed my concerns and they resolved my vehicle's issues expeditiously. I appreciate their workmanship and honesty, and I'm glad a friend recommended I try Tommy's.

Bennie Briscoe, 00:29 01/28/22

I brought my son's car all the way from VA to have Tommy's take care of us.

We trust nobody else! Everyone who works there is amazing!

Mitchell Sandoz, 09:53 01/18/22

Modern state of the art facilitiesCan be trusted with your automotive investment

Stephen Angelo, 23:10 01/14/22

I have been looking for a new mechanic for a while now and I am so happy to say I found Tommy's Automotive. They completed my car's inspection as well as diagnosed a timing chain issue, it's important to note 3 other mechanics dismissed this issue as "just something that happens to Honda's". I will be recommending Tommy's to everyone and can honestly say I will be taking my car and any future cars I have here. Keep up the great work!

Sue Berstler, 21:02 01/14/22

Everyone at Tommy’s was super nice and helpful. I emailed late on a Saturday night when my car broke down and they emailed back in minutes. They went out of their way to get parts for my car and get it back to me quickly. Would highly recommend!

Quinn McIntosh, 13:17 01/12/22

As always Tommy's did an outstanding. I dropped off my 2018 Jeep to be re-geared to 4.88 gears. They even did 3 test drives to make sure everything was good and that the gears had the proper break in. I could not be any happier with the results. Thank you!!!

Steve Sagullo, 19:49 12/13/21

We have been going to Tommy's for years. Tommy's staff are responsive and great service. Important point here is Tommy's have good mechanics and honest

Shen Shen, 14:37 11/22/21

First time using Tommy's auto service. My son goes to WCU. He was having tire issues. I could not get out to see the car and said take it to Tommy's. He took the Toyota Camry to Tommy's and they fixed it quickly. Great experience, professional and I highly recommend.

Hugh O'Donnell, 15:49 11/09/21

I have 4 Sprinter vans in my company, ( Chester County Kitchen and Bath,) and I was having issues with the normal dealer repair shops around WC. i.e., it took forever for them to fix anything, too expensive, and non of them communicated well. I found Tommy's by chance, and the company is fantastic. They actually call you back when they say they will. Great work guys, Thank you, Eric

Eric Adams, 13:29 10/20/21

Love this place, I’ve been going to this place since I attended WCU. They are very professional and super nice. Location is great and they are always pretty quick.

Jade Reed, 18:34 10/06/21

Great shop! Honest, dependable and good work.Thanks!

caleb arrowood, 11:37 09/23/21

Honest, friendly, sexy, best of the best.

rob coccodrilli, 01:48 09/17/21

Always honest straightforward discussions and superior service at reasonable rates.Not to mention friendly!

Ray Collins, 23:24 09/07/21

Honest and reliable! When I moved here Tommy’s was recommended as the shop to use, I now provided the same recommendation.

Thomas Connolly, 11:31 09/04/21

Very happy from when u walk in to when u pick up car. We had a bad experience with a mechanic in Media where we live and our son said mom take it to my guy he will fix it. The guy in Media had car for 5 days back and forth saying dont know what is wrong. He put in new AC compressor did not get any cold air. Jerry looked at it and about 1/2 hour later said it was the wrong ac compressor. They are our new shop!!!Great experience!!! Thank u again!

Cathleen Pino, 23:49 07/31/21

11/10- Absolutely fantastic experience all around. Cannot recommend them enough!After 8 years of living in the West Chester area and not being satisfied with any of the businesses I had previously taken my vehicles too, this was hands down the best experience I’ve had with an auto shop. From day one of setting the appointment, they were knowledgeable, helpful and just plain nice. Top tier customer service and fairly priced. If you’re shopping around before setting an appointment, look no further!

Tony Gray, 06:03 06/16/21

Blair is the best!!!

shannon brown, 07:37 05/29/21

Love these guys. Best place around. Highly recommended. Polite, helpful, great communication and great prices. Just use Tommy's and you will see

Jeff Hilferty, 11:24 04/23/21

Tommy worked on my 1969 stingray. His knowledge of cars is great. His whole team is very friendly and they work quickly researching and ordering the parts needed to get the job done. Highly recommend Tommy’s Automotive if you want a quality job done at a fair price.

Nate Blevins, 09:43 04/18/21

Top notch service from pre-dropoff to the convenience check after pickup.

Sheik Robinson, 06:10 02/12/21

Went to Tommy's after loosing my mechanic after 10 years. What a wonderful experience!!! If your looking for an automotive shop who are honest, knowledgeable, and great customer service THIS IS YOUR PLACE. Dave kept kept me informed and got work done in a day. THANK YOU TOMMYS!

Jc Ditto, 14:22 01/30/21

Went to Tommy's for the first time. We're new to the area and hoped to make a good first attempt to find a legit, honest auto shop and we hit it on the first try with Tommy's. Everyone there was very helpful at the different stages of scheduling, drop off and pick up. We were in a situation where we literally told them, "I don't know what's up. Just tell me everything we need to do to get this thing running safely and check the brakes, they probably need to be changed. " Their answer was, "you need new tires, but everything else is fine after an oil change. Brakes look fine. Here's a bill for nearly nothing..." If you were trying to figure it out - they are honest and will help you. They have a customer for life as long as we are living in the area. Thanks!

J Z, 12:17 01/13/21

Tommys automotive hands down is one of the best mechanics I've ever met, he's honest and takes pride in his work and the employees are very friendly, Tommy takes care of my father in laws work trucks, the trucks run and feel great. His diagnosistics skills are second to none and will predict when a part will go bad, that's what happened to my car, so that's when I knew he is a great mechanic. he foreseen months back during the inspection a certain part would be ineffective shortly. I had a bad experience with D'Ambroiso, I bought the car from them and will never go back to them for service. There dishonest, shady and will not own up or honor there word, I hate to talk bad about ppl I'm sure there's good ppl that work there but my experience was horrible. Tommy was kind enough to take over my vehicles warranty that I have through a 3rd party. I feel safe with his work and his word. it gives me a piece of mind knowing that when my family is in the car they'll be safe and safety is the most important factor when it comes to my family. I highly recommend Tommys automotive and will have my business. Thank you to all at Tommys 👍

Billy G, 01:12 12/10/20

Great service at a fair price.

Meanix Landscaping Inc., 12:45 10/18/20

Friendly courteous knowledgeable pros

Paul Murphy, 23:48 10/15/20

Great work, awesome customer service.

Trek Wise, 14:46 10/06/20

Honest mechanic shop. Tommy is great to deal with. Staff is very friendly and easy to ask questions about repairs and advice.

Steve McCann, 21:23 09/23/20

The best repair shop around, these guys are the BEST!!

Dan Warner, 22:37 09/16/20

Have gone a few times now for a variety of fixes, good service, and fair pricing, were very polite when I brought my falling-apart pickup to find out how bad things were. Glad to have found Tommy's

Ryan Mastrangelo, 21:55 09/14/20

I don’t write very many reviews, but Tommy’s deserves a very good one. I am very particular and look at a car as a big investment that should be properly maintained. I have done my own brake work and oil changes, but prefer to have it done by a professional. Unfortunately I have had too many bad experiences at other places with poor workmanship at high prices that it drives me back to doing it myself. I read so many positive reviews about Tommy’s that I decided to try them out. I started with my son’s Honda Pilot for an inspection and they identified an issue with a brake caliper that they said would pass inspection (honest) but recommended repairing. I appreciated their honesty on that and asked them to fix it; which they did at a very fair price. A year later the Pilot needed a valve adjusted at 120,000 miles; they did a great job at a very competitive price. I had a similar experience with the timing belt on the same car. My Audi, which I take very good care of, was due for inspection, new tires and brakes (including rotors since the brakes were pulsing and everything was still original with 65k miles). I shopped around and Tommy’s had very fair prices. Gerry called me and said my brake pads still had plenty of life and recommended just turning the rotors; what an honest business and saved me a bunch of money. I also noticed on the paper work that they used an on-car lathe to surface the rotors - this is the gold standard way to do this work. High quality work, fair prices and a very honest business - what more could you ask for? Very happy to be able to support such a great business.

Liz and Greg D'Arcy, 00:12 07/28/20

These guys are AWESOME! Mike W. is a great technician Jerry B. is fantastic and explains things so I can understand whats wrong with my car. They are so busy but still manage to get the work done in a timely manner. Prices are very reasonable, especially compared to other shops! I have NEVER had a problem after taking my car there. Tommy's automotive makes me feel like I've known them for years! I'd love to have a beer with these guys, they are hard working HONEST and dependable. If I didn't like my job, I would want to work with them!Tommy's automotive is the best! Most trustworthy bunch of guys I know.

WAYNE WILSON, 02:51 07/07/20

Tommy’s did a great job installing a lift, new tires, and new wheels on my 2014 Jeep Wrangler. They helped me select quality parts and delivered in time with great communication throughout the process.

Skuds123, 15:35 07/03/20


Vaughn Yanko, 18:23 06/17/20

Great service on my older BMW. They did an awesome job finding the problem and completely fixing my 328i for a very reasonable price.

Dean Auker, 03:49 06/06/20

I have brought my car to Tommy's for quite some time now, and every time I go, I know I am leaving my car in professional hands. The employees there do amazing work, and have always been nothing but nice. I cannot recommend Tommy's enough. Thanks for everything guys!

Alli Watkins, 16:12 04/21/20

Top notch service.

John Hassis, 23:54 02/13/20

Great people, honest service and a reliable shop to get work done at.

Anthony C. Blubello, 14:05 02/09/20

I have been going to Tommy's for about 5+ years now and have never had anything less than an excellent experience! The staff is honest and helpful! They will never lead you in the wrong direction! Support your local small business and check them out! Great Service, Great People!

Brent Millichap, 18:45 01/07/20

Great guys, great prices what else can you ask for?

Dylan Cook, 21:29 12/19/19

Reliable, great pricing.

D M, 16:55 12/05/19

One of the first things you think about when you’re looking for someone to service your car is “can they be trusted?” Well, not only can Tommy’s be trusted, but the prices are reasonable, and the service is always topnotch. Tommy and his team are friendly, professional, and FAST. I drive 21 miles to go to Tommy’s -that should say it all. I highly recommend Tommy’s Automotive!

Megan Salladino, 17:37 10/28/19

Tommy has been taking care of my car, as well as my family’s cars, for years and has always done an amazing job! I have always found them to be straight forward and honest. They are always able to get my car in and back to me quickly. Tommy has gone above and beyond for me on more than one occasion. I highly recommend Tommy’s Automotive. I will never take my car anywhere else.

Shanna Reisch, 03:34 10/23/19

Fixed my Bmw when other mechanics could not . Straightforward ,honest and skilled! Would not bring my vehicles anywhere else!!

Robert Oconnor, 12:12 10/19/19

We have been using Tommys Automotive for over 13 years and would not consider using someone else. They stand by their work 100%.You can't find a better...

Chuck I., 14:09 08/15/19

Tommy's Automotive has restored my faith in humanity and auto repair shops. They also helped replace a headlight in record time at a reasonable cost. They...

A S., 15:52 05/24/19

Hats off to a real customer first Auto shop. Quick story my mechanic retired and I was looking for a new one after 30 plus years of service and I found Tommy's on a forum for my 76 Fj 40 land cruiser. This place is great, honest and trustworthy. I was quoted a price for major work to my daughters week and Tommy ran into trouble because of poor manufactured parts and incurred several more expenses and additional 5 hours of labor. Tommy ate the additional charges and stood b y his original estimate. Honored to. all him our mechanic.

Heidi Faries Deger, 21:09 08/28/18

When you are hours away from your child at West Chester University this is the place for an honest opinion when they have auto issues. Close to the university .

Bruce Mizak, 12:09 04/19/18

Service sets this place above the rest. The staff are honest and expeditious - in a pinch they kept me well informed, moved quickly and do an amazingly thorough job!!! Blair is exceptional!!

Anna C. Weyl, 15:03 12/21/17

Excellent care and service. A friend recommended Tommy's to me. I have been a customer for over a year and love them.

Shannon Patricia Alexander Stanek, 23:53 07/29/17

We have been using Tommy's for several years and have had great service on our aged Grand Caravan and Silverado Truck. Their work is impeccable and they only fix what needs repair. Their waiting room is clean and friendly and Peyton is a fabulous greeter.

Laura Stratton, 01:18 12/10/16

Thanks to Tommy and the guys they always get my truck back up and running at reasonable prices

Greg Norbeck, 21:25 10/22/15

Can't beat the service that I have received at Tommys over the last 5-6 years. I can always trust that my car is in the hands of true professionals. So thankful!

Lauren Slattery, 00:54 09/25/15

First class service by first class guys. I've been going to Tommy's for 5 years now and 5 Stars all the way.

Justin Gall, 01:45 06/19/15

Only place I trust with my vehicles. From our 1952 jeep willys to our brand new Audi. These guys are the best in the business.

Eric Ammerman, 15:10 04/29/15

I found Tommy's after being disappointed and overcharged by several shops in West Chester. These fellows are HONEST, and VERY GOOD. We used them for several years now, and I have never had a complaint. I'm moving out of state, and will miss these good people. I recommend them unreservedly.

Carol Everhart Roper Olivent, 20:53 01/29/15

It takes a village to raise children... and a food truck, apparently! We can't be successful without the local companies that help support us. Shout out to Tommy's Automotive of West Chester for getting our babies up and running smoothly for our launch! Thanks from all of us @ fresh truck bistro you guys ROCK.

Richard Distefano, 17:59 01/13/15

I first heard of Tommy's when my father purchased a Hurricane Sandy flood car (2009 Mercedes ML350). It did not run when purchased as all the complex...

Mark K., 05:32 08/13/13

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