Summer: Beating the Heat with A/C

We rely on our auto air conditioner every single day to stay cool on our way to work, yet many of us don’t even think about how it works.  Even if your A/C unit appears to be working, it could still be running inefficiently, meaning either you can’t quite get cool or you might be losing a lot of gas mileage.

auto air conditioningThe most common problem with an air conditioner is a low level of refrigerant, which can happen without visible difference.  If your refrigerant levels are off, your car will be using too much gas to cool itself down, causing you to lose gas mileage and therefore money.  Because of routine problems like this, we recommend that you have your A/C checked at least once every two years (if not more often), especially before the summer months.

In addition to having regular maintenance on your A/C system, there are a few ways to save fuel while still staying cool.  Of course, there is the dilemma of whether to roll the windows down or run the air conditioning.  Although there is some debate among the experts, the general consensus is that at lower speeds (under 45 mph), having the windows down is more efficient, while at higher speeds (above 45 mph), having the windows down causes too much air drag, so running the A/C is better.  One other way to save gas that not as many people know about is to run your A/C on re-circulate because it takes significantly less energy to cool down the already cooler inside air than the hotter outside air.

As you get ready for the summer months this year, consider taking your car into the shop to make sure everything is running at peak efficiency.