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Auto Repair: Where To Go When Your Warranty Expires

I think most of us can relate to wanting to slam our phones into a brick wall if we get another phone call about our vehicle’s extended warranty. Whether you had a warranty and it expired, never had a warranty, or extended the warranty for ‘better’ coverage, chances are you really just want the calls to stop. So, where do you go when your vehicle is in need of repair and your warranty has expired? Well, what if we told you that letting your warranty expire might be the best thing you do for your car, your pocketbook, and your sanity? West Chester PA Auto Repair

Dealership or Private Party?

The first assessment to make is whether or not your vehicle’s repairs need to be done at a dealership or privately owned business. Here is an easy checklist to refer to when deciding where to go:

  • Is it covered under warranty?
  • Is it a recall or service bulletin?

Okay, so the list really is not that long. Seriously, unless the vehicle is covered under warranty or is under a current recall, there is no reason to take your vehicle to a dealership (unless you like paying more). Even if your vehicle needs factory work, any privately owned business can perform the work for much less than a dealership would charge. Requirements for factory maintenance are published online which allows any skilled mechanic to tackle the job.

Advice From Tommy

In general, you will pay much more for your repair at a dealership. You will get a mechanic trained to work specifically on your type of car, but unless you have a rare and complicated problem, a competent mechanic at a local garage will likely give you the same parts and service for up to 40% below what you would pay at a dealership!

I think the most important thing in auto repair is the customer-mechanic relationship. You are less likely to get to know the mechanics at a dealership, and they are less likely to get to know you and your vehicle. In the end, you have to do your research about your specific vehicle and what repairs are needed.

We are happy to service your vehicle and provide any repairs needed for most makes/models. We have good relationships with many happy customers and have dozens of life-long clients. If you are in need of a quote or want more information about whether or not you need a dealership for your repairs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.