From the very first time you start your car, carbon deposits and debris begin to form inside your fuel systems. To prevent this debris from building up, you’ll need to have your fuel system professionally cleaned at regular maintenance intervals. Fuel injection services include cleaning of the injectors, intake valves, and combustion chamber, as well as several procedures to inspect the performance of the fuel system. Some benefits to regular fuel injection services include:

  • Improved MPG
  • Smoother Idle
  • Removal of Carbon Deposits
  • Increased Safety and Dependability
  • Reduced Air Pollution

How Often Do I Need Fuel Injection Services?

For optimum performance from your vehicle, fuel injector cleaning is a must. You can refer to your owner’s manual to find the right maintenance schedule for your specific vehicle. Your car may also be telling you it’s time for maintenance in other ways. Some symptoms of carbon buildup include:

  • Poor MPG
  • Rough Idle
  • Engine Knocking
  • Slow Acceleration
  • Hesitation or Lurching
  • Stalling

Learn more about factory scheduled maintenance, and which services are included.

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