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July Monthly Special

monthly special

This July, Peyton wants to make sure your engine doesn’t overheat and leave you stranded on a road trip. That’s why she’s offering 10% off all cooling system services, including coolant exchanges, radiators and water pumps. These services can prevent issues such as overheating, leaking, a strange smell coming from the engine, a frequent need to add fluid, or degradation of cooling system components.

The main components of your cooling system consist of the thermostat, radiator, and water pump. It keeps your engine cool by circulating water around cylinders then through the radiator. Factors such as operating conditions, type and frequency of coolant, and driving habits can affect how often you need cooling system maintenance. Be sure you take Peyton’s advice and get your cooling system checked before it’s too late!

Call (610) 696-2633 to make your appointment today! And don’t forget to mention the special!