About Gerry

Gerry looks tough, but he’s as soft as a teddy bear, unlike Tom, who looks nice but has a heart of stone. He’s our specialist on all things German–BMW, Volkswagen, and beer. Gerry’s been working on cars since his childhood years, when he took everything apart that could come apart. Let’s just say, he’s come a long way.

Gerry has worked with Tom for 10 years, so they know all of each other’s deepest, darkest secrets. He lives in horse and buggy country with his wife and two daughters. And did you know Gerry has a soft spot for cookies and motorcycles? He’s restoring an old motorcycle now. Before joining Tommy’s, he worked at Otto’s BMW, a gas station, a tire store, and even as a restaurant manager. He’ll treat your car like one of his own, and he’ll no doubt spout off plenty of interesting facts while he’s working.

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