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About Tom

Tom was born under the hood of a 1970 Chevelle. At age 3, his first words were “Socket Wrench.” At age 5, he did his first brake job. But seriously… whether it was helping his father, a longtime mechanic himself, or working to rebuild his 1970 Chevelle, Tom Reisch has been under the hood of a car. His hands-on experience was growing before he even had a license. Tom started working for DiMascio’s Auto Repair while still in high school, quickly becoming a respected mechanic despite his young age. Co-workers would look to him to problem-solve on a difficult job, and they came to rely on his natural ability with a wrench. From there, Tom completed his formal training at Automotive Training Center in Exton.

After graduation, Tom worked at Otto’s BMW where he was trained in cutting-edge technology, working on some of the most technologically advanced cars on the road. Amidst all of this experience, Tom has been building a loyal client base in Delaware and Chester Counties for many years through his side work.

This business has grown from fixing friends’ cars in his parents’ driveway to Tommy’s Automotive’s twelve-bay facility in West Chester, PA. Tom Reisch is equipped with more than just the skills and experience to be a good mechanic; he also learned the value of honesty and hard work growing up as a mechanic. Tommy’s Automotive can handle all of your car repair needs at the fully-equipped shop on Carter Drive. You can rely on Tommy’s Automotive for quality service and neighborhood dependability.

About Tom