Peyton - Tommy's Automotive


About Peyton

Shawn’s Supervisor

Peyton is the resident lady of Tommy’s Automotive, and she’s gotten pretty good at barking orders to the staff. She’s the best guard dog on the block, and she’ll ensure that your car stays safe while she watches over the garage. Peyton was in charge of customer service and front desk work, like fetching paperwork, but the job got a little ruff.

Peyton enjoys napping, eating, and staring at her reflection in shiny cars, but she especially loves when customers give her a little extra attention. We gave her the job because she claimed she was the inspiration behind the 2000 Baha Men hit “Who Let the Dogs Out,” but we don’t quite believe that tale. Still, she’s the best mascot we could ask for, and we just love having her as part of the Tommy’s Automotive team.

About Peyton