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Great Uses for Our Online Dashboard

For many years, the team at Tommy’s Automotive has been committed to providing exceptional service for their customers. One of the ways we have made it even easier for you is with an online dashboard. The dashboard – OwnerAutoSite – has incredible benefits for customers who need service now or in the future. In this blog, we talk about a few benefits of using this online tool.

Car Service at Your Fingertips

The best part of the online dashboard is that it gives our customers control and transparency over their vehicle service. provides Tommy’s Automotive customers with personalized information about their vehicle(s) on a convenient, easily accessible website.

How it Works

tommys dashboard

Setting up an account is easy with Tommy’s online dashboard. After your vehicle’s first service (or even after your first phone call to set up an appointment), one of our team members will input your email into Tommy’s database. This will generate a code that is emailed to you that can be used to sign-up for the online dashboard.

*Click the image to see a snapshot of the dashboard.

The Benefits of Using an Online Dashboard

Once you use your code to create your account, there are many benefits you will have access to – here are a few:

  • You will receive your own website with your vehicle’s service history at Tommy’s.
  • You can view factory scheduled maintenance.
  • You can schedule or request an appointment.
  • You can access auto repair information at any time with full transparency.
  • You can create vehicles for every member of your family in one account! Just make sure to give the same email address for the account for each vehicle when signing up.

Trust Your Vehicle in the Hands of Tommy’s Automotive

We are happy to offer this customer-focused tool. If you have questions about this dashboard, your car’s service or repair, or you want to schedule your first auto service – contact us today. We look forward to serving you!

Gone Too Soon

Meet ShawnShawn T Wagner, our friend and coworker here at Tommy’s Automotive, unexpectedly passed away July 11th, 2022 in a tragic boating accident.  Shawn was with the company for 10 years and a friend long before that.  He would do anything to help a friend and was the type of guy that would stop to change a flat tire for a stranger in the rain.

Shawn would always say, “As long as they’re talking about you, you’re famous.”  Well Shawn, we can promise you, we will never stop talking about you.  This family will not be the same without you. We miss you bud. You’ll forever leave a void that cannot be filled in our shop and in our lives.  Rest In Peace pal.

Please use the link below to view Shawn’s Obituary and for service information.

What Tommy’s Has Been Up to This Summer

Most haven’t been using their car as much due to COVID-19, making this the best time to get your car serviced. Cars that have been sitting for some time may experience problems starting, with the tires, fluids, and more. We will ensure your car is in safe conditions for any of your commutes with our preventative maintenance.

We’ve been keeping busy the past few months at Tommy’s Automotive.

Head Gasket Repair

We recently had a 6.0 L Diesel Ford Truck come into our shop that needed a new head gasket. We tackled this project by lifting up only half of the truck. This allowed for easy access to the head gasket, making this a speedy job.

Maintenance on Red Dodge Charger

We were excited to have this red Dodge Charger come into our shop! When we were finished with this speed bullet, it ran as good as new.

Red Dodge Charger

Auto Maintenance & Repair Services

Preventative maintenance can help prevent any costly repairs down the road. If you’re interested in scheduling a maintenance check for your car, contact us today!

Blue BMW

A COVID-19 Update from Tommy’s

Spray NineWe hope that our customers are washing their hands and staying healthy during this scary and confusing time. Tommy’s, your auto repair shop in West Chester, is still open for business, but with a few modifications.

We are taking extra care to keep everything in our shop clean and germ-free. We use a product called Spray Nine, a heavy-duty cleaner, degreaser, and disinfectant, which is pictured.

Our Waiting Room is Closed

Our waiting room is not open, so you will need to arrange transportation to and from the shop while we work on your vehicle.

Winter 2019 Instagram Roundup, and Tommy’s is Hiring!

a '57 hudson hornetIt’s been another great winter here at Tommy’s Automotive, though we must say, we’re excited about spring.

In March, we met a new friend, Utah, who was adopted from the Brandywine Valley SPCA. He has already become an indispensable part of our team. In December, we got to do burnouts in an old rusty truck!

We saw no shortage of cool cars in the shop this winter, including a GT R33, a 1957 Hudson Hornet, and Jesse’s BMW E60.

As part of our job search promotion (we’re hiring!), Peyton shook one of her toys in a manic frenzy to show her excitement.

Join the Team at Tommy’s

Tommy’s is looking for a new employee! Requirements for our new mechanic include:

  • Must be willing to work on trucks
  • SIE Required

Tommy’s offers great benefits, including 401k, health insurance, and vacation time. Work Monday-Friday 8-5, no weekends! Contact us online to apply.